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Medicomed Medical Devices

Medicomed Medical Devices was established in Ankara in 2015. Our company, which has preferred to work especially in the surgical field since its establishment, provides service in the Medical Medical Devices Region with its trained and experienced sales staff, while providing high-tech products in the other regions, at the closest point to those in need.

Medicomed Medical Devices, together with its employees, aims to provide the best service at all times by expanding the product range of its customers with universal quality and standards, adding new product types to its portfolio as well as all surgical and sterilization products used in hospitals.

Our Product Portfolio

Sutures - Laparoscopic hand tools - Hernia Repair (meshes, Mesh stabilizers) Open-closed surgical staplers - Staples, Open-Closed Vessel Sealing systems, Cardiology Stent - balloon, Wound Care Products, Nutrition Products, Ligasure, Force triad and tips

Our Mission

Medicomed Medical Devices was established with a sales approach that prioritizes quality products and respect for people. In accordance with the purpose of its establishment, it supplies health professionals with the highest quality, most reliable, high-tech products and ensures that those in need can access these products in the easiest way. While doing these, it takes care not to lose the amateur spirit and excitement in the first years of its establishment.

Our vision

Our aim is to be the most reliable supplier of state-of-the-art medical products and to be a large family with our staff and customers.